The Execution of Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham

We all know the story of Katherine Howard, Henry VIII’s young Queen who was executed on charges of treason, and for her affairs with Francis Dereham and Thomas Culpeper. The story is a famous one, with Katherine being helped in her endeavours with Thomas by the infamous Lady Rochford (who was executed along with Katherine) – with Thomas losing his head at Tyburn followed by Francis Dereham being hung, drawn and quartered.

On this day in history, 10th December 1541, both men lost their lives for their part in the whole affair. It would have been a gruesome spectacle, Thomas had been granted beheading by the King as he had once been one of his closest grooms whereas Dereham was given the full traitors death.
Showtime’s “The Tudors” showed the execution in all it’s gruesome glory, and despite how horrible the scenes I thought it was very well done. I have placed the video below, and warning for the squeamish…it is rather gruesome.
Lastly, apologies for my lack of posts recently. I’ve been on a funny shift pattern at work which has offered me little time to do anything. Oh…and I blame the video game Skyrim also!!

1 thought on “The Execution of Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham

  1. Ha, ha! I chose not to watch the video because I am the poster child for squeamish. Just knowing of the full traitor's death is horrid to me. So much for easy divorce and leniency! I always wonder what the full story was with Katherine Howard

    Thanks for the posting!

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