The Death Of Edward Seymour.


“The duke of Somerset had his head cut off upon Tower Hill between eight and nine o’clock in the morning”

On this day in history, 1552, Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset faced the axe upon Tower Hill, just outside the Tower of London. The reason for his execution was that of felony, for scheming to overthrow John Dudley, Earl of Warwick. Despite the fact that he was both Lord Protector as well as Uncle to the young King Edward VI, he met his end after a torrid time as Lord Protector upon Tower Hill, and his young nephew made simply a note of his uncle’s execution in his diary. He was interred within the Chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula – within the grounds of the Tower of London.

Still, the man had a massive part to play in Tudor history as the brother of Jane Seymour and the Lord Protector, and holds a massive interest for me. Here’s to you, Edward – I’ll raise a glass to you tonight.

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