An Evening With The Authors – 24th September 2016


Last night, I had the absolute honour of being among a group of eighteen exceptionally talented authors for MadeGlobal’s “Meet The Authors” event. It truly was a wonderful experience, getting to speak to people about my first ever book and meeting such amazing people. Honestly, I feel truly honoured to be part of the Made Global family and am chuffed to bits that they gave me a chance to publish “Cesare Borgia In A Nutshell” through them.

The event, which involved Tudor music as well as a number of discussion panels, also saw the launch of SEVEN books including “The Mary Rose In A Nutshell” by Phil Roberts, “The Devil’s Chalice” by DK Wilson, “All About Henry VIII” by Amy Licence, “Edward VI In A Nutshell” by Kyra Kramer, “The Shadow Of The Cross: Imprisonment” by Dmitry Yakhovsky, “Illustrated Kings & Queens of England” by Claire, Tim & Verity Ridgway and of course my own book – “Cesare Borgia In A Nutshell“. I couldn’t have wished for a better place to launch my first ever book, and I have to admit that I might have gotten a little bit overwhelmed when a lovely lady asked me to sign a copy of my book.

All in all, an absolutely fantastic evening preceded by a fantastic morning at the Tower of London. I want to extend a huge thank you to Tim and Claire of MadeGlobal for making the event possible, as well as a huge well done to each and every author who took part. As well as that, a massive thank you from me to everyone who came over and had a chat with me about my book and put up with my nervous babbling about Cesare Borgia!


Seeing this for the first time was just absolutely mindblowing.


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