Incest, Intrigue & Murder – 28th Sept

incest talk

On 28th September, I gave my first ever talk at Southampton Central Library. In it, I spoke about the myth surrounding the Borgia family. What was it that they did that was so bad? Where did the rumours come from? Were they really that bad?

I must admit, I’d been umming and aahing about cancelling the talk having been signed off from work due to a bereavement. However I dedicated the talk to my late Grandfather who had been really looking forward to watching the talk on Facebook Live, from Portugal. I’m SO glad that I didn’t cancel and, despite my nerves, it went really really well. Of course there are things I can improve on for next time – and trust me, there will be a next time!


42727225_10156565863517440_7836681891892690944_n (1)

The Facebook Live video can be found here. (I couldn’t work out how to embed it on here…Bit of a technophobe, me)

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