New publisher, who dis?

What a busy few months its been – and because of that I’ve been super quiet here on the blog. But there’a very good reasons behind both the busy and the quiet.

First of all, I’ve been working on my next book. This journey began a while back but now I am super thrilled to announce that it will be published by the amazing team at Pen & Sword books, and that I will be working with the for the foreseeable future! So I’ve been working my little socks off getting the manuscript edits done ready to be sent back – there’s still a ways to go and a few little rewrites here and there, but it’s going to be so worth it when the time comes to hold the finished product in my hands. I’ve seen the first cover design as well and let me tell you – it’s STUNNING!


I’ve also been preparing for the talk that I gave this past Saturday on the Borgia family at the Winchester Heritage Open Days. This was my most well attended talk to date and, despite the nerves at the start, it went really really well. For those of you who want to catch up on it, I live streamed it over on the facebook page.

I’m also going to be looking at redesigning the website over the next few weeks and months so do keep an eye out for that. But until then, it’s time to bury myself in edits. Keep an eye on here and the various social media for any more historical shenanigans – I tend to update there with things first rather than here.

Much love to you all


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