A Witch With Six Fingers? Errr, no

“Anne Boleyn was the evil one wasn’t she? The witch with 6 fingers?”

This very question was asked to me today during a conversation at work. I was horrified, and I ended up facepalming very much in the same style of Rodrigo Borgia
Cue a long and lengthy history lesson from me. No, Anne was not a witch. No she did not have six fingers (because let’s use some logic here, would Henry VIII really have married her if she had such a deformity?), no she was not involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother and no she most definitely was (at least in my humble opinion, and I’m sure the opinion of many others) NOT GUILTY. The amount of times I heard, “well she must have been guilty because she was found guilty at her trial” no, no, no and no!
It amazes me every time I read something online that says about how Anne Boleyn was guilty of incest and gave birth to a deformed foetus, that she was a witch with six fingers. And it amazes me even more when I hear someone talking about it. Especially in this day and age where there is such a wealth of knowledge out there and Anne’s story has been told over and over by historians through the ages. All these people have to do is pick up a history book. But of course, so many would rather believe tripe like The Other Boleyn Girl and not give real history a chance, or indeed even well written historical fiction (Wolf Hall for example is particularly excellent).