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An Incorruptible Crown – The Execution of Charles I.

Following the outbreak of war in August 1642, with Charles I raising his standard in Nottingham, England was catapaulted into a civil war that split the country down the middle. In a nutshell, King Charles I believed that he held … Continue reading

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The Witch’s Heart ~ Kings Lynn

As I was visiting family this past weekend and wandering the high street of King’s Lynn, I was reminded of a local legend. One of the main areas of interest in Kings Lynn is the Tuesday Market Place and the … Continue reading

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The Trial And Execution of Girolamo Savonarola

The Execution of Savonarola by Anonymous I’ve been spending a lot of time recently researching Girolamo Savonarola recently, for particular reasons that will hopefully be announced soon as well as the fact that the man fascinates me. I don’t really … Continue reading

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Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh by an unknown artist On this day in history, 1618; sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded upon the orders of James I. But why was this man, once a great favourite of Elizabeth I, given such a death … Continue reading

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15th July 1685 – The Execution of James, Duke of Monmouth

Plate showing the execution of James, Duke of Monmouth I’ve written a lot about the Duke of Monmouth recently, and I have to say that I find him absolutely fascinating. This young man who believed so wholeheartedly that his mother … Continue reading

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