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The Execution of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette by Lebrun On 16th October 1793, Marie Antoinette was found in her cell at the Conciergerie in Paris dressed in her mourning dress, laying down on her bed in floods of tears. The day before, she had been … Continue reading

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The Storming of the Bastille

Storming the Bastille On 14th July 1789, the fortress of the Bastille in Paris was stormed. The fortress itself held prisoners who had been imprisoned with royal indictments that could not be appealed and thus the Bastille had become the … Continue reading

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Review: Marie Anoinette by Antonia Fraser

Before reading this, I had very little knowledge of the French Revolution. Indeed I still have little knowledge but reading this has done what I can only describe as opening a flood gate of emotion and a thirst for more … Continue reading

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