Post Grad History Woes

As I was sat falling asleep over my strawberry yogurt on my lunch break today I started thinking about future prospects that would involve me, and lots of history. Now you all know I got my BA in Archaeology some time ago now and ever since then I’ve been mooching about, sobbing grossly over the fact that I miss learning about stuff. That and I really REALLY want to sit down and write another dissertation. I actually kid you not, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my BA dissertation. I must be mad!

I made the decision a while ago that I wanted to move from Archaeology and concentrate fully on history. Oh don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with digging massive holes everywhere and then dropping your lunch in a Roman field ditch but after suffering the disappointment of being a field archaeologist during a recession, I though that maybe I should indulge my love of history a bit more. And indulge I did…

Yes, yes I know there are copies of The Hunger Games trilogy on that shelf but even those of us who adore historical non-fiction need to have a break every now and then. But I digress. I now have two bookshelves full to bursting with (mostly) history books that concentrate on the Seventeenth Century. There are a few Tudor books in there, mostly relating to the later years of the era and my collection of Italian Renaissance books is growing considerably too.

I promise this is going somewhere.

When I got home from work this evening, barely more awake than I was at lunchtime and surprisingly not covered in strawberry yogurt, I sat down and had a look at some post grad history courses in my area. I plan on staying in the area where I live because we both hold down full time jobs and I abhor moving. That and I still plan on working full time whilst studying. It is possible, I promise…I hope. My problem came though when many of the modules available in the MA courses just didn’t jump out at me, many of them covering the late 18th Century up to pretty much modern day. That was when I found a course that involves Medieval stuff, and the Renaissance. I almost jumped out of my seat. You know how much I love the Borgia family, and I have read a bit around the Medici too, and what with heading to Rome in July too. It is a fascinating culture. And one I would jump at the chance to study. Whilst it is not the Seventeenth Century, I still adore the Renaissance (and am prepared to read a lot more on the Medieval period too, does anyone have any book recommendations? Please do email me if so!) and this honestly sounds like my perfect course.

The next job is working out a) how I’m gonna pay for said course and b) how I’ll manage to work full time around it.

This is it you guys, decision made (I think, I hope…I’d better not change my mind again!). Next stop, application. I’ll keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “Post Grad History Woes

  1. If you need medieval book recommendations, look no further. I ADORE medieval history and plan to study it for my masters (which is yonks away, but it is best to be prepared).

  2. I know you don't usually choose to read historical fiction, but I have read a couple authors who are really fantastic for that time period (The Angevin/Early Plantagenets are fascinating.) Try books by Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman. Both have websites too. I'm a huge Medieval history fan. Good luck with going back to school!

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