A very brief post this morning as I’m not feeling too well. But this post has been a long time coming. Earlier this year I was given a National Art Pass from ArtFund to use and review and I have to say, it’s utterly fantastic! The pass itself allows you access to hundreds of historical sites, museums and art galleries across the UK at discounted prices. Benefits of this fantastic pass include 50% off many major exhibitions, special events such as lectures and private parties, a monthly magazine as well as access to an exclusive shop. And if you buy one of these passes you are also helping Art Fund to help museums and galleries across the country buy art to go on display.
It really is a fantastic little card and one I intend to make good use of! Especially since there are many museums included in the list of sites that accept this card around my area! And when I do eventually get to one of these places I shall be doing a little review here!
I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these passes here
For more information on the National Art Pass and ArtFund please do visit their website.

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