On This Day In History – The Execution of Anne Boleyn

ImageA very short post from me today. But I just wanted to post a little something as today marks an important day in history, and a day in which Anne Boleyn went down in history as a martyr to many. On 19th May 1536, Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the Tower of London by the swordsman of Calais on the orders of Henry VIII after being found guilty of treason. Many still believe her to be a witch and an adulteress but this is simply not the case. Anne Boleyn found herself the victim of Henry, who wanted rid as she couldn’t give him a male heir and factions at court who wanted a Catholic Queen back on the throne. No one deserves to be treated in such a way as she was, yet her name has lived on and these days many fight to clear her name and the tarnished reputation that propaganda and legend has given her.

Rest in Peace, Anne Boleyn.

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