The Tudor Fatigue Is Over?

How many of you remember my “Tudor Fatigue”?

Quite a lot of you, I would imagine. I’m pleased to say it’s finally well and truly over. Whilst my first love will always be the Renaissance, I need a little bit of a break from the Borgia’s and so I’ve once more picked up Eric Ives “The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn” – I picked the book up at the Tower of London some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it. I have to say, it’s even better the second time around. It truly is a cacophony of information on Anne Boleyn and I highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it.

I’ve also recently started reading Threads by Nell Gavin. I had completely forgotten I had this on my kindle until I stumbled across it the other day, and I’ve been completely unable to put it down. The concept of the book is wonderful and really well thought out – the premise of the book is that after her death in 1536, Anne Boleyn spends time looking over her life guided by a character known only as The Voice. She and Henry are reincarnated through various lives and it seems destined to be together despite their volatile relationship. I’m about half way through it now, and once I’ve finished it I will most definitely be reviewing it here.

ImageIn other news, I’ve made the decision to apply for teacher training. My aim is to train as a history teacher in a local school and then begin a new career teaching the young people of this city just why history is so exciting. It’s a really exciting and yet daunting prospect for me and I hope it all comes to fruition within the next few months. I shall of course keep you updated.

1 thought on “The Tudor Fatigue Is Over?

  1. What an amazing decision and a big step for your future. I wish you all the luck in the world with your training! 🙂 I must admit I’ve considered teaching too after graduation. It seems like such a rewarding career.

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