This past week.

This past week I’ve been…well, I’ve not been up to very much really. There have been a few bits and bobs going on. But other than the photos I’m about to post, I gotta say….


Any of my readers here who know me know how into my heavy metal and rock music that I am and Periphery are a band that I’ve been into for a very long time and are up there with Trivium as one of my favourite bands of all time. The show isn’t until November BUT I’m sure you can all imagine how excited I am. As well as that? I’m off to get another tattoo next Friday which will be their logo. I’m so excited,

Anywho. A few pictures of the bits and bobs that have gone on this week.

buckpop clintasha dress rain

Those PoP Funko’s are just awesome. I love them so much. There are Vikings ones due out at some point which I want to get my hands on. Now, that Game Of Thrones dress? My GOD it’s my favourite, though I do get some funny looks wearing it sometimes.

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