Reviving my interest in War literature…

Just lately, when I haven’t been exhausted from my new job, I’ve been throwing myself into reading Pat Barker’s “The Regeneration Trilogy”. The First World War has long been an interest of mine, and I’ve always loved the literature of the time period be it poems written by the men in the trenches, or novels written about it. Birdsong has always been a particular favourite of mine from the moment I read it when I was doing A-Level English Literature. But I’d never read The Regeneration Trilogy.

I’m wondering now why I didn’t.

I’ve not finished it yet, as I only really have time to read a few chapters of an evening, but the way Barker portrays the characters of Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and countless others who actually existed is phenomenal. It truly is a wonderful book, and an interesting take on those in the war who found themselves in Craiglockhart hospital. I’m hoping to do a post at some point on Craiglockhart and the men who spent their time there to recover from shell shock.

I’ve also recently picked up a new biography of Wilfred Owen.


Owen is my favourite First World War poet, and his life has always been of particular interest to me. I can’t wait to pick this up and learn more about the life of the man who died just a few days before the Armistice was signed, and who left us such wonderful poems as “Anthem For Doomed Youth” and “Dulce Et Decorum Est”.

I’ll review both The Regeneration Trilogy and the Wilfred Owen biography once I’ve read them. As I said above, I actually have a new job so lord knows when I’ll get the books finished. Keep an eye out and you’ll see these posts, as well as others, popping up soon.

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