Despite the fact that Cesare Borgia’s actual birth date is not known – these things were not written down and logged as doggedly as they are today – 13th September 1475 seems to be the widely accepted date, and in all honesty it seems as good a date as any to celebrate the birthday of a man who would become one of the most feared and respected warlords in Renaissance Italy.

Born at some point between 1475 and 1476 to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Cattanei, Cesare ended up in the church from an early age whilst his older brother Juan was taken along the military path. Cesare himself never had any inclination for a career within the church and so, after the brutal murder of his brother in 1497, Cesare threw off the red and took up the mantle of Military Leader that he had coveted for so long.

Despite the fact that Cesare Borgia died horribly just outside the town of Viana, it cannot be denied that he was one of the greatest military minds of his time. As we all know so well he has also been the victim of vicious rumour, much of which has no basis in fact whatsoever (which I have written about in great detail).


One thought on “On This Day In History – Cesare Borgia Is Born.

  1. Victoria Wood says:

    Looking forward to your book and setting the record straight … or at least a good bit straighter! 🙂

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