An Update.

So the Doctor signed me off work last week due to problems with my diabetes. “Great”, I thought, “I can get on and do a bit of writing”.

I thought wrong.

Now I know I probably shouldn’t feel guilty about the fact that I just couldn’t concentrate to get words down on paper for my next couple of projects. But I do feel incredibly guilty about it. I just about managed to finish off an article for the lovely guys at, and managed to get maybe…a page or two done for another project I’m working on with the guys at Medieval Courses. But in my mind, it wasn’t enough. Instead I was spaced out feeling rough as anything, cursing my broken pancreas and getting bored watching daytime TV.

I did manage to go out and grab coffee with a dear friend of mine, and signed her copy of Cesare Borgia In A Nutshell – despite it only being a short little outing it really did exhaust me, not helped by the new tablets the doctors had put me on for the nerve damage I suffer from. Still, towards the end of the week I was feeling much better (hence being able to at least do a little writing) and headed out for a walk in the early morning Southampton sun.

There’s loads of history in Southampton and above are just a few pictures of the sort of thing I get to walk past every day. There are signs dotted all over the city that point out where Jane Austen lived, worked, went to parties etc.  I feel incredibly lucky to live in a city with such amazing history.

But I digress – I’m back at work now and feeling much better, so that means I’ll be able to get back on with my writing projects. There’s LOADS of exciting stuff in the works – my second book “Girolamo Savonarola: The Renaissance Prophet” will be coming later this year and I’m also working on something exciting for Medieval Courses. The holiday to Florence is also just around the corner so that means plenty of opportunities to see Savonarola’s old stomping grounds and where the Medici family lived and worked. Crazy, exciting times. I’ve also started on book three, so that will keep me super busy!

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