On This Day – 13 September (or thereabouts) 1475


13 September 1475 is the generally accepted birth date of Cesare Borgia – although sadly for us the actual date was never written down, historians think it was between 12-14 September 1475 and April 1476.

Cesare was born to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vanozza Cattanei. Whilst his career began in the Church, following the murder of his brother he threw off his Cardinals robes and began a military career. He passed away just outside Viana on March 12, 1507. Cesare’s life was one full of drama and controversy – whilst many of his contemporaries believed him to be evil and incestuous (a viewpoint that has come down to us even today), it must be noted that he was a man of his time and we cannot judge his exploits from our own modern viewpoints.

Here’s to you, Cesare. Happy birthday.


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