100,000 page views giveaway extravaganza!

I’m getting rather excited by the fact that we’re inching ever closer to hitting 100,000 page views. And so, I thought I would announce a bit of a giveaway! I’m not only giving away one thing, oh no. Not one thing, but two! You lucky lot!

First of all, I shall be giving away a copy of “The Deadly Sisterhood” by Leonie Frieda – I’ve recently started reading this brilliant tale of women in the Renaissance and I have to say, it’s absolutely brilliant! Frieda concentrates on a handful of women who lived during the Renaissance, all of whom had power and influence – Lucrezia Tournabuoni, The D’Este sisters, Lucrezia Borgia and Caterina Sforza. A fantastic read for anyone interested in the women of Renaissance Italy.
As well as this, I shall also be giving away a beautiful silver plated pendant featuring Lucrezia Borgia and a portion of a love letter written to her from Pietro Bembo. I found this beautiful pendant whilst browsing Etsy, and the person who made this lovely pendant has also made a huge selection of other ones too. Please do check out the shop. Now, I have just ordered this pendant but as it’s coming from the United States it may take a while – but as soon as I receive it I shall pop it right back in the post for the lucky winner.

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning? 
All you have to do is like the facebook page here! And once we’ve rolled over the magic 100,000 pageviews mark, I shall use a random number generator to pick the winner! Good luck!
There’s also another very special announcement coming, I hope, very soon. Watch this space for details! I’m absolutely bursting to tell you all what it is but I’ve been sworn to secrecy!

A Bit of Bloggy Stuff and Calling All Guest Posters.

I’ve just spent the past two hours contemplating moving this blog over to wordpress, even going so far as to create an account and export every single one of my blog posts and comments over to said new account. Then I realised “hang on a minute, I have a domain” and proceeded to try and move said domain name over to the new wordpress account only to really mess things up. There’s also the fact that wordpress wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for the ability to use the domain name I’d already purchased through blogger. So after two hours of wrestling with complicated internet stuff I called it a day and deleted the new account and came slinking back to blogger.I’m not going to lie, I felt like a bit of a traitor when I started to build the new blog and I’m glad I realised before I hit the delete button on blogger how much I loved this blog. 

Plus, starting from scratch when I’ve had nearly 60,000 visitors just seems a bit rubbish.
So, in celebration I’ve decided to completely do over the design of this blog. I’m staying right here and you can expect lots more historical posts in the future and I’ve got loads and loads of ideas.
I’d also like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to do a guest post for me. If you’re interested then please do drop me an email at samantha@loyaltybindsme.org – you’ll all know by now that this blog is primarilly an Italian Renaissance/Seventeenth Century England blog but I will accept pretty much anything as long as it’s historical.
There will also shortly be an announcement regarding a project I’ve got in the works. I really want to tell you all about it RIGHT now but it’s gonna have to wait a little while. Keep your eyes peeled though and all will be revealed soon enough.