I’m all Renaissanced out…

I never thought I would say this.

But I am absolutely, well and truly, Renaissanced out.

I suppose that’s something that comes with the territory of being a writer and historian – you spend so many years researching a subject that you just end up being completely burned out by it. And it’s actually quite a scary thing to say – “oh hey, yeah this is my specialist subject but right now the thought of even looking at anything Renaissance related makes me want to punch myself in the face” – but there we are. And that’s where I am right now.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time really, what with the Borgia siblings book coming out next month and all the edits that need doing on Savonarola. Truth be told I’m not all that sure how to deal with this because I need to still be looking into the Renaissance – it’s my thing after all.

But I have to admit, it’s been really nice researching something else for these past few weeks. Everything is new and fresh and I’m learning so much about an era of history I’d never really thought about before. Maybe a break away from researching the Renaissance is exactly what I need – maybe it will reinvigorate my love for the era? Not that it really needs reinvigorating, but you know what I mean.

I’m not sure. It’s a really strange place to be. But for now I’m just going to concentrate on burying myself in the world of the Templars and getting everything ready for the Borgia book release on 30th September. I am REALLY excited for this book to be released into the wild and I hope you will all join me on release day – potentially doing a Facebook live for you all. Keep your eyes peeled.

A little bit of a catch-up.

It’s been a while since I did a post here, and for that I apologise. As I’m sure you’re all very much aware, the world is in a very tough spot right now and I, like so many others, am locked down. Covid-19 has affected so much world wide and getting used to this new way of living has been tough. But I know I’m one of the lucky ones – I’m safe and healthy (touch wood) and have been able to get access to food despite the panic buyers (don’t even get me started on that) stripping the shops almost bare. On a little side note there – yesterday was the first time in weeks I’ve seen a bag of pasta!

The staff on the front lines during all of this are absolute superstars and I am in awe of the work that the NHS are doing. They are working so hard to save lives despite all the shortages of PPE and equipment – they are caring for those who are desperately ill with this awful virus and working crazy hours to do so. Honestly, the NHS have my utmost respect for all they are doing during this pandemic. As a country we are coming together every Thursday at 8pm to applaud them for what they do. We are hanging out of windows, standing on our doorsteps, beeping car horns…even the docked ships here where I live are making a HUGE racket, all to show their support and thanks. It’s a very moving experience and one that I am proud to be a part of – it’s my own small way of showing my thanks. Of course we cannot forget the other key workers on the front lines during all of this – supermarket employees, police, firemen, bin men…they are all out there, risking their lives to help the rest of us. Thank you. Thank you so much for all you are doing.

You’re probably all tired of hearing this but the best thing you can do to help in these efforts is to stay at home. If you have to go out, make sure it’s for essential things only or if you have to go to work. If you can work from home, do so. Please, please, please, stay at home and help stop the spread of this awful virus.

In other news, I’ve been working really hard on getting my next book written and as of the middle of last week the first draft is now complete!


It clocks in at a little over 40,000 words so we still have a way to go with it. The manuscript is currently full of red notes marking out where I need to put in more information etc so the next job is to go through that and add in anything that’s needed. I may add in another chapter or two as well – I’ve put in a couple of chapters already on key individuals during the period I’m writing about. It’s all VERY exciting.

Surprisingly I’ve not read a huge amount since lockdown began. Probably because I’ve been so busy working the day job and getting the book done. I’m currently working my way through Mantell’s new novel – so far, I am VERY impressed. Expect a review once I’ve finished it, though it may be a while as it’s HUGE.

Silliness has also been the order of the day in many ways. For those of you who follow the facebook page, you’ll have seen what I’m talking about. Little Cesare Borgia has been getting up to all sorts of mischief…


Sometimes it’s the silly things that really do help make the days just a little bit easier.

I hope you are all staying well during these strange times. Please keep yourselves safe and stay connected with your friends and loved ones by phone or by social media.

Do let me know how you’re all doing and connect on facebook and twitter.