Cesare Borgia and the Great Pox

Cesare Borgia by Altobello MeloneOne of the most well known facts about Cesare Borgia, aside from the fact that he was a bit (a lot) of a sociopath who seemed to enjoy having people killed, is that he suffered from Syphilis and often tended to go about wearing a mask. It is said that he... Continue Reading →

Caterina Sforza Part 3 – Countess of Forli

The fortress of Ravaldino, ForliWhen Giralomo Riario and his wife Caterina Sforza were given the town of Forli, trouble was already brewing. The town itself had been politically unstable for over 500 years and was still subject to bitter rivalries, battles and destruction and thus the townspeople were suspicious of any new rulers. Forli itself... Continue Reading →

Caterina Sforza Part 2 – The Rome Years

Gina McKee as Caterina Sforza in The BorgiasAs Caterina left her childhood home of Milan, she was accompanied on her way to Rome by a lavish parade. Caterina had brought with her 40 relatives and servants, and her new husband Giralomo Riaro added a considerable number of his own retainers to the parade. The archbishop... Continue Reading →

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