Solent Sky Museum – Southampton

Having been signed off work for two weeks with the dreaded S word, I decided to make a bit of use of the time I have. After all, there's nothing better than a trip to a museum to get your head back in the game. The Solent Sky Museum is located right by Southampton's Ocean... Continue Reading →

The Latest Trip To London

It's been a while since the other half and I had one of our historical trips out so last week we took off to London for the day. And what a jam packed day it was. Given the expense of train fares these days we decided to make the most of it and visit as... Continue Reading →

Tudor House, Southampton

It's been a couple of years since I was last at Tudor House. Last time I was there the place was a building site, part way through a restoration programme. I was an archaeologist then, and I was working with a team of diggers in the gardens. We were basically there to shovel dirt out... Continue Reading →

Convento Dei Cappuchini, Rome

On our final full day in Rome, after we had visited the Colosseum and almost passed out from heat exhaustion, we decided to visit a little church near the Barberini metro station. This little church is often known simply as the "Convento Dei Cappuchini" or Cappuchin Crypt. I had read about this little place online... Continue Reading →

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