Los Borgia

This evening I sat myself down with a large glass of pink lemonade, and curled up to watch Los Borgia. I've been a fan of The Borgias pretty much ever since it first started and although I love the series more than anything the lack of historical accuracy in the series has been known to... Continue Reading →

The Origins of the Borgia Incest Myth

Recently I have come across more and more people "shipping" Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia. That's fine, do whatever you want but when these people insist that they "ship" these characters because it's "historically accurate"? If I'm honest that's more than I can deal with. I've written about this subject before, and my absolute despair when... Continue Reading →

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Savanarola by Fra BartolomeoGiralomo Savanarola is probably one of the most famous people from Renaissance Italy, next to the Borgia and Medici families. He is best known as the preacher who fundamentally ruled Florence with his sermons, and the man who was behind one of the greatest atrocities in Renaissance history: The Bonfire of the... Continue Reading →

Rodrigo Borgia Part 5 – Death

Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI in "The Borgias"In the years leading up to Pope Alexander's death, there were many events including war with France, the death of his beloved son, Juan Duke of Gandia; Alexander's row with Savanarola, the resignation of his son Cesare from the College of Cardinals, Alexander joining with Venice and... Continue Reading →

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