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The Latest Trip To London

It’s been a while since the other half and I had one of our historical trips out so last week we took off to London for the day. And what a jam packed day it was. Given the expense of … Continue reading

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Sir Peter Lely

The works of Sir Peter Lely have long been my favourite Restoration, and whilst I love the work of Van Dyke and Kneller, I think Lely will always hold a special place in my heart. It probably has something to … Continue reading

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I Belong in Seventeenth Century England

I have wanted for the longest time to own a dress that would fit in at Charles II’s Restoration Court but for a very long time the cost has put me off. Even when, for my sins, I was in … Continue reading

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Did Charles II love Catherine of Braganza?

Charles II and Catherine of Braganza, a line engraving by an Unknown Artist Before I get stuck into this post I just want to say a massive thank you to @gemgemgembird who runs the awesome fuckyeahcharlesii on tumblr and @IsSoFab … Continue reading

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"Monsieur Is A Villain!"

Phillipe Duc D’Orleans “Monsieur is a villain!” These are the words that Charles II is said to have shouted when he received the news of his sisters death. But why did he say those words? Rumours came from the French … Continue reading

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