The Trial And Execution of Girolamo Savonarola

The Execution of Savonarola by AnonymousI've been spending a lot of time recently researching Girolamo Savonarola recently, for particular reasons that will hopefully be announced soon as well as the fact that the man fascinates me. I don't really know why he does, as he was the man behind the terrible travesty known as the... Continue Reading →

The Expulsion of the Medici

Lorenzo the Magnificent by Agnolo BronzinoOn 21st March 1492, Lorenzo "Il Magnifico" de Medici was carried from his palace in Florence to his countryside villa at Careggi, not far from the city. The reason? His health was failing fast thanks to severe feverish gout, an inflammatory disease that was the bane of the Medici family.... Continue Reading →

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