OTD in history: 12th March 1507

It's that time again, folks. A day in history that always chokes me up just a little bit... On 12th March 1507 Cesare Borgia, the feared Duke Valentino, was killed during a skirmish outside the small town of Viana in Navarre. Having joined up with the King of Navarre following his miraculous escape from the... Continue Reading →

The Best Borgia Novels

I've been on a bit of a fiction kick lately - mainly because I needed a bit of a break from the heavy non fiction that I've been looking at whilst researching for my current work in progress. It's not been all Borgia/Renaissance novels either - I recently finished a wonderful book set mainly in... Continue Reading →

Borgia’d Up for my Birthday

So. Today marks the day when I turn 30 years old. I've been dreading it, to be perfectly honest. But that's by the by - it's just a number, right? It's just two lots of 15... Anyway, as has become somewhat of a tradition on my birthday, I've gone and got myself another Borgia inspired... Continue Reading →

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