The History of the Medici family – Medieval Courses


Some of you may have noticed me going on and on and on over on social media for the past however many months about my ‘Medici project’. Well, it’s finally here! In conjunction with the wonderful guys over on MedievalCourses, I’ve just launched my latest course on the history of that fascinating Florentine family. Head on over now to sign up for the 5.5hr course covering over THREE CENTURIES of history!

I’m so so excited for this course and even more excited for you guys to enjoy it and, more importantly, learn loads and loads of cool stuff.

Find the course (MC11) here.

You can also find my course on the history of the Borgia family here.

Coming Soon: An Online Course on the Borgia Family.


I’m very pleased to announce that I will be leading a course on “The history of the Borgias” over on and it will be starting very soon!

Keep an eye out for more information over on medievalcourses, their facebook page and of course right here on the blog!