Happy New Year

I know I’ve been somewhat MIA this year, however it is my aim that in 2015 I shall be around much much more. But before the drinking starts this evening, I just wanted to swing in here and wish each and every one of you a very happy new year!

There will be lots more coming as from well…tomorrow, ha. And I shall keep you all updated on my latest endeavour…

IMG_2928Yep, I’ve made it my mission in 2015 to learn Old Norse. You can blame History Channel’s “Vikings” for this as well as a bunch of the Nordic saga’s I’ve sat down and read recently. Such a fascinating period of history, and one you’ll be hearing much more about from me over the next few months INCLUDING a review of the amazing TV show.

Anyway – I’m off to start the New Year celebrations. Have a fantastic night everyone, and make sure you all stay safe.