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[Review] The Black Prince of Florence by Catherine Fletcher

In The Black Prince of Florence, a dramatic tale of assassination, spies and betrayal, the first retelling of Alessandro’s life in two-hundred years opens a window onto the opulent, cut-throat world of Renaissance Italy. When I found a copy of … Continue reading

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The Council Of Constance

For a while now, I’ve known that the Council of Constance played a part in ending the Great Schism that separated the Roman Catholic Church, but it was only when I started digging into the life of Alfonso De Borja … Continue reading

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On This Day In History…Cesare Borgia Is Born!

Whilst his exact date of birth is unknown, the general consensus is that today in 1475, is Cesare Borgia’s birthday. The exact date was never recorded but we do know for definite that he was born sometime between September 1475 … Continue reading

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